New Technology Helps Pain Sufferers

In my last article I outlined the importance of uncovering the underlying cause of pain first, before deciding upon a treatment. This has not changed, this is still your most important first step.

However, a new technology from the space program could well be a fast safe way to uncover the underlying cause of pain, loss of mobility or other health related discomfort, making this first step much easier and more accurate.

This technology was first designed to uncover stress points on the space shuttle. It is, also, now used to test the various components of jet aircraft. And, now it has been revamped, modified and repurposed for use in determining vertebrae movement in the spine.

Healthcare professionals, such as Chiropractors, tell us your nervous system pass nerve impulses or information to the brain through your spinal cord which then passes those impulses through a network of nerves to all organs of the body. These nerves find their way to the various organs of the body by going through small openings between each vertebrae.

Consequently, even a small misalignment of such vertebrae will put pressure on nerves immediately under it. This pressure interferes with the normal flow of nerve impulses to that part of the body or organ that the nerve is associated with. In that manner interferes with the normal function of that organ or may cause unusual sensations or pain in a specific area of the body.

Chiropractic has for decades found success in treating many ailments through a process of spinal manipulation to re-align the vertebrae. However, they these healthcare professionals have had to rely on feeling the vertebrae to find the points of misalignment or use X-rays. Now this has changed.

With this new technology an instrument connected to a specially programmed computer analyzes the movement capacity of each vertebrae as it is passed over the spine, beginning at the base of the skull and proceeding down the spine. While you do hear a tapping sound and feel a tapping sensation as it is being passed down your spine, the procedure is entirely painless.

Even more importantly, this same technology also can be used to re-adjust the alignment of any misaligned vertebrae. What this means is a procedure that is totally painless, drug free and injection free is now available as an effective alternative to other invasive, drug related protocols.

While it does look, like it came out of science fiction, you don't have to wait for Scotty to beam you up to the star-ship for treatment, you may find it in your own home city anywhere in the USA, Canada, or the UK. All you need do is call your local chiropractor, ask him or her if he is licensed to use the Proadjuster technology.